• Rev. Ho-Soon Han

Do you feel settled?

When people ask me “do you feel settled?” I can’t answer right away. And most likely the answer is “yes and no.” One of the indicators of being settled for me is I became familiar with the environment enough to meet my basic needs. I have everything I need for my daily living unpacked. I am getting a bit familiar with the people at church and the rhythm of the congregation’s life. On the other hand, I don’t feel settled yet. I still have boxes to be unpacked. I want to wait until I have some clarity about what can go where, which room to use for what purpose. When someone talks about who’s related to who, or how to get to a place, by the third person or third street, I lose track of the names. So I have to pull out the church directory or GPS.

As an immigrant, I don’t have a place that I can call home in the United States. I am a citizen whose home is elsewhere. And as an itinerant minister, I plant my life where God calls me to and unplug my life to plant somewhere else. But there was a moment that made me feel that I have a home in Maine. When I was driving to church to attend the committee meetings in June, at the New Hampshire-Maine border, I recognized the sign “Maine - Welcome Home.” And I felt like I was arriving at home.

In a sense, we all are immigrants, pilgrims whose permanent home is in the kingdom of God. We all know we will ultimately move again when God calls us. Yet while we are journeying on earth, God crosses our path with others to make us grow in the love of God and of one another. No matter if I feel settled or not, I feel blessed that God crossed our paths and together we may call Church on the Cape our home.

In peace,