• Rev. Ho-Soon Han

It Matters To Us

Every time we go to Bon Appetit, I get amazed. First of all, I get amazed by the level of poverty I witness in the guests. It’s hard to believe that kind of hunger and poverty exists a few miles away. I also get amazed by the amount of food donated by the various community organizations and retailers— meats, vegetables, loaves of bread, desserts. It is the generosity of the community members that makes this program possible. And I get amazed by the hard work of the volunteers willing to give up their time and energy. And I get amazed by the thoughtful and considerate ways to serve the guests knowing their limitations and weaknesses. I learned that they cook anything hard to chew such as fried chicken in some kind of sauce until the pieces are tender because many guests cannot chew tough food. When we stop and think, we don’t need to do all these things. We don’t need to drive up there and give up our time. We don’t need to lift heavy pans, wash dirty pots, and mop the floor. But we are willing to do it because it matters to us.

It matters that we serve our neighbors in need. It matters because we know whom we serve. As Jesus says, “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40) When we seek our spiritual growth, we are deeply connected with God and know what God wants us to do. When we are united with the Spirit of Jesus, we understand what Jesus is calling us for. That’s why a desire to serve our neighbors in need comes from a place deeper than charity or altruism. It comes from our love of God and the willingness to fulfill Jesus’ calling to reveal God’s compassion. In that sense, what we do is a reflection of what we believe and whom we follow. As a result, what we do feeds our soul and moves us closer to God. That’s why spiritual growth and outreach walk hand in hand.

This month’s service at Bon Appetit was a great example. While we were working together, we experienced the joy of the Kingdom of God. We felt closer to God, and it increased our desire to serve God’s people again. When we get closer to God, we can see God’s vision which always includes serving God’s people in need, our neighbors near and far. That’s why we never stop working for the mission and ministry of Christ to end poverty, violence, and oppression. That’s why Church on the Cape never stops planting the seeds of hope and watering them with faith, trusting that they will come to fruition in God’s time. Just as the psalmist says, “Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.” (Psalm 126:5)

Our church is blessed to have such people as you who continue to put your trust in God, to have your desire to serve on behalf of Jesus, and to sow the seeds of hope. Because of your ceaseless efforts and prayers, we will continue to be a beacon in our community and the world.

In peace, Ho-Soon