• Rev. Ho-Soon Han

Sharing our common grief

Over the past two weeks, we have been touched by the pain and suffering of the victims of a series of gun violence. The stories of innocent victims continue to break our hearts. We not only grieve with the families for the deaths of their loved ones but we also grieve for our inability to change the system for better gun control. We are the followers of Christ who was strongly against not only the murder of others but also the murder in the heart by holding anger, hate, and disrespect (Matthew 5:22).

So as the followers of Christ, it is our responsibility to say it’s not okay to act on anger, hate, and disrespect. Moreover, it’s not okay to hold anger, hate and disrespect towards others. And it’s not okay to provoke people to anger, hate and disrespect towards others especially to the powerless among us. Jesus reminds us that what we do or what we don’t to one of the least of His family, we do or don’t do it to our Savior (Matthew 25:40).

We share the common grief for our brothers and sisters in El Paso, Dayton, and Gilroy. At the same time, we remember that God created us to recognize and bring something positive out of the tragic incidents that make us and others fall. God gave us the ability to turn something too painful to comprehend into the opportunities to let the love and compassion shine through us and to act in ways that our passion for justice and peace prevail.

May the peace and healing of God be with all who mourn.