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L to R: Marilyn Crocker, Janet Wade, Armit Pak, Amy Hall, Director Susie Goodwin,
Barbara Fuller, Mary Parker, Rev. Desmond Parker.

Church on the Cape Chimers

Our Church on the Cape Chimers are back - again! In video below, Prelude : "Simple Gifts" by Elder Joseph Brackett, Sunday Worship, March 10, 2024.












[The below article first appeared in the April, 2023 church newsetter.  Written by Susie Goodwin]

Speaking for the Chimers, it was our great pleasure to make a joyful noise on March 19, 2023 in worship.  The

Chime Choir with various members dates to 2004 when Beryl Samia started from scratch, teaching the

basics of how to make music with these odd lengths of metal. 

Covid silenced the Chimers. In musical terms, that’s damping, quieting your chime till it’s your turn to play again.  In the Fall of 2021, Barbara Fuller put a bug in Susie Goodwin’s ear to dust off the chimes and come out of quarantine. 


A new group was formed with most ringers having little or no experience. Accompanying congregational hymns fit everyone’s comfort level.  Since May 2022 we’ve upped our game. Susie’s arrangements have grown more challenging.  You may have noticed our focused concentration.  Home practice with spoons helps a lot!

Article by Susie Goodwin

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