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The Love – Light Connection

Transfiguration, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and Sunrise Services are all special services that we will celebrate at Church on the Cape.

The season of Epiphany ends with the greatest of the Epiphany stories; the sudden manifestations. The human recipients (Peter, James, and John) are thrown into a state of fear and confession because when they go to the mountain top, they also have an experience of the love light. Peter is so undone by the light that he starts
making his own plans and speeches, and the Almighty has to interrupt him.


It is so typical that in the love light, in the mindset of fear, in the midst of Transfiguration, God speaks to the trembling.
The Disciples were filled with fear and they fell to the ground. When they lifted up their eyes, they saw no one but Jesus only.

On Sunday, February 11th we celebrate Transfiguration during Worship.
Christ was transformed. Peter, James, and John were transformed. The world was transformed. Be ye transformed, so that when you look upon the world, you will see with God’s eyes and see that it is Good. See all creation is Holy. Let us rejoice in it. Let us dance in the love light of the transformed world.

On February 14th we celebrate Ash Wednesday. It is the Imposition of Ash for those who wish to receive them. 
Christians have observed this season of the church year since the fourth century. It is traditionally a time of reflection, penitence, and spiritual renewal to begin the season of Lent.

On Friday March 29th - A Good Friday service will be held at 6:00 pm. 

On Sunday, March 31st - Easter - There will be a sunrise service at 6:00 am at the foot of Pier Road.  There will be no Easter breakfast this year. 

Lent ends for us with the love light of the Sunrise.

Easter continues with Hymn Sing at 9:45
am and Worship at 10:00 am. 

Please invite your friends.

Pastor Sammie

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