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The Music Church!

Church on the Cape is considered a small church with a big church music program. Music is a significant part of our worship, our events, our celebrations, and our faith. From the musical and vocal talent within our own faith family to the national and international artists we host, our music ministry is a powerful part of our lives.
Paul N. Stephan
Music Director, Organist, and Pianist

Church on the Cape welcomed Paul N. Stephan as the new Music and Choir Director, Organist, and Pianist in late summer, 2023.


Paul was Minister of Music at Madison Avenue Baptist Church in New York City for fifteen years, where he was a choir conductor and piano/organ accompanist. Paul managed and directed weekly and special event music programs, including  program content and rehearsals, and created virtual choir videos for streaming services during the Covid pandemic.​

Paul Stephan.png

He also has developed music outreach programs. Paul served as director of music ministries at Church on the Village (formerly Metropolitan Duane Methodist Church) in New York, where he was also choirmaster and organist for The Armenian Evangelical Church of New York.

Paul has taught voice, piano, composition, and organ. He is the recipient of the Bristol Award for his show, Three Tenors in Search of an Act. Paul is a graduate of Ithaca College and the University of Utah.

Sunday Choir

Front Row:  Liz Phillips, Judy Unsworth, Ellen Conway, Debora Berry, Amy Hall, Debbie Parsons, Ginny Hammar, Rev. Sharon Miesel

Back Row:  Susie Goodwin, Helen Farnsworth, Marilyn Crocker, Nancy Chamberlin, Rich Parsons, Marshall Chamberlin, David Smith

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