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The Church on the Cape faith family takes its outreach commitment seriously, expanding our involvement in areas where our time, talent and support is most effective in serving others. We extend that reach beyond our neighborhood and surrounding communities to those in need internationally. 
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Alternative Christmas Fair


The Alternative Christmas Fair is held each year on several Sundays in December following the worship service. “Shoppers” have an opportunity to make donations to a variety of community ministries, receiving special Christmas cards to send to those persons on whose behalf the donations were made. This event is a way to present members and friends with an alternative to material gift-giving by supporting these much-needed programs. 

Domestic outreach
Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit is a weekly dinner program in Biddeford. Clients arrive for a free nutritional dinner and companionship. During the summer, between 40-50 people are served daily, with the numbers increasing during winter months.  The program has seen a dramatic rise in the numbers of children coming in family units. Additional funding is always needed to supplement the work of Bon Appetit. The Church on the Cape faith family regularly volunteers to serve the meal on the third Wednesday of the month.

Cargo Shop

Our Cargo Shop is managed by a devoted committee of volunteers. It offers clothing, shoes, housewares, books, and knick-knacks of all types. Proceeds from the sale of items supports our ministry of helping others. The shop also serves as a community resource to those in need after a personal hardship or emergency. 


Regular hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2p-4p. During the summer, the shop is also open on Saturdays from 10-12 noon. We accept gently used donations of good quality. Those who wish to donate items can leave them outside the church office. Many thanks to the community for their continued support.

Caring unlimited.PNG
Caring Unlimited

Domestic violence is the most recurrent incident reported to the police in Kennebunkport, according to local police. Caring Unlimited is our answer to violence in the community. This organization offers hope to families in danger through 24-hour hotline aid, legal advisors, support groups staffed by kid-workers, a donation center, temporary and transitional housing.

Church Community Outreach Service

In response to community needs, twelve churches of various faiths have joined together to support the Church Community Outreach Services. In addition to its primary function of providing emergency food needs, this outreach has broadened its scope to encompass fuel assistance, a voucher program with Hannaford in Kennebunk, a school snack program, and a special needs program.

Grace Street Ministry

This outreach ministry offers a consistent, compassionate, pastoral presence to the homeless and marginalized in downtown Portland, Maine. They work to relieve suffering, to address the spiritual needs in this ever-shifting community, and to decrease the prejudice between the housed and the homeless through preaching, education, and experience. Our faith family collects socks annually for Grace Street Ministry.

Habitat for Humanity

For over 20 years, Habitat for Humanity in York County has been helping low-income families obtain affordable housing. The three legs of support for this program are land, volunteers and funds. The Church on the Cape has been an ever-increasing and vital part of this Christian outreach through our gifts, our prayers, and our participation. Gifts made to Habitat will help meet the objective of increasing the number of much needed homes built each year from a historical average of one per year to a targeted 2 to 3 homes per year.

Kennebunkport Public Health Emergency Fuel Assistance 

This program provides for fuel need requests during the winter. The fuel needs were funded solely by donations and no one is denied assistance. The Public Health Department meets every emergency request immediately. We are expecting a drastic increase in the number of families who will need assistance this winter. The rising costs for fuel, food and housing will greatly strain the very tight budgets of our seniors and working low-income families.

York County Shelter Programs

This program is committed to end homelessness and assist people to reach their fullest potential by providing access to various levels of housing, personal growth opportunities, and community resources. They operate a live-in shelter in Alfred, as well as assistance to complete GED’s or job training. In addition, an extremely active food pantry supplies thousands of boxes to those in need, including holiday baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

International outreach
Pastor Ruth Merriam Missions Fund

"Go, be the hands, feet, and heart of Christ!" Through ‘Partners in Development’ (see below) and other organizations, we now have channels through which we can effectively serve the poor. We can help at their medical clinics, we can work at construction sites, we teach English to the village children, we can help install water filters. And who is better equipped to offer their physical strength and energy than members of our community. What do they, in turn, gain from the experience?


Said one teen: "I have kept the feeling that I am not ENTITLED to anything…even seemingly small things – like wearing shoes or having running water.…I want to make my advantages worthwhile, and to use them for something outside of my own self-interest." In the spirit of Pastor Ruth’s lifetime of service, this fund will help sponsor those who wish to serve on life-changing mission trips.

Heifer International

Heifer International gives families the power to feed themselves day after day by training millions of people around the world in sustainable agriculture, providing livestock so they can have a daily source of income and nutrition, and helping communities work together on behalf of future generations.

PID logo.png
Partners in Development

Partners In Development is a Christian service organization has been working to improve conditions for the most desperately poor in Haiti and Guatemala. Each year, volunteers from our church visit these missions. Recently, a group of teens from our church and the high school have committed their energies to the Guatemalan mission.

SEED (Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies)

The SEED worldwide effort founded by Bob and Dottie King is an institution aimed at alleviating poverty in developing nations. The objective is to teach students who will go on to create programs and businesses in impoverished places throughout the world; thereby employing their local populations.

Additional funding

In addition to the Christmas Alternative Fair and other fund-raising efforts, the church allocates a specific amount of our annual operating budget to outreach setting aside a percentage of its financial surplus for use by the Outreach Committee.


Please join our faith family in supporting our ministry and support efforts.  Give today!

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