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We Had Wonderful Fellowship at Our November Potluck Lunch!

It was a gorgeous day on the 12th of November, 2023. We started with a prayer for Veteran's Day, an emotional 'Call to Worship' reminding us that God's greatest gift to us is love. We enjoyed classic hymns, the magnificent voice of Leslie Giammanco, soprano, and a delightful 'sermon' (skit) with Pastor Sammie and Lay Leader Bruce.

Then the event of the day: A delicious and abundant potluck lunch with every delectable delight you can think of. And what a crowd! There were over 100 (!) people coming and going and we all wore name tags!

This event was the brain child of Mary Giknis, the librarian at the Cape Porpoise Library. Mary helped organize, she contributed and recruited.

Thank you to all the worker-bees: Ginny, Jane, Sandy, Diane, Kathy. And thank you to all the chefs and all the secret helpers - we don't know your names, but God does. The Lord is pleased with your work. Who wouldn't be? Thank you!

Enjoy the slides below. Click around and have fun.


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