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Camp Mechuwana And Campership Opportunties For All Young People in our Community!


Our Church on the Cape is offering camperships!  Scholarships for young people to get-outta-town!  To experience independence, new adventures, nature, arts, new friends, and a new perspective on where and how we live. 


Please read a reflection on what Camp Mechuwana has meant for now grown-up Diane Hutchins. 


By Diane Hutchins

From grades 4-12, I attended Camp Mechuwana. I looked forward to it every year. Growing up in Cape Porpoise was rather boring, but camp was exciting. Every day was a new adventure; swimming, boating, arts & crafts, hiking the trails around the lake, campfires, drinking bug juice and waking up in the morning to the call of a loon.


At first, I was a little home sick, but my mom always sent lots of letters with colorful stickers all over the envelopes to cheer me up. It was also difficult for my mom the first year I went to camp (I found out later she cried the whole way home)! Back then, they did not have half-week camps like they do today. I went away for an entire week. All the “first
timer’s” bonded rather quickly because we were all in the same boat, so to speak. 

I remember everyone was genuinely friendly, which is very important when you are young and vulnerable. I think kids of any generation have always had a difficult time finding their true self when there is continuous pressure to be someone else - better looking, smarter, more athletic…but the environment at Mechuwana is different.

It’s a healthy environment with others who have similar values.

Looking back, I realize the profound impact Mechuwana had in developing me into who I am today. Leaving home was initially difficult, but the experience each year helped me become very independent. This independence later helped my career working for the government and traveling around the world. The shared experience at summer camp with others that had similar fears, concerns and values helped me become more empathetic. Through years of attending swim camp, I mastered my skills as an advanced swimmer, which later helped me achieve my lifeguard certification. I had
unique opportunities to sleep in a tent, a cabin by the lake and a lean-to at Mount Kathadin. While at camp, I saw my first loon, an owl and a moose.

I have finally found the equilibrium I was searching for by recognizing the importance of constantly learning new skills, having a good work ethic, a strong moral compass and the importance of friends and family. The combined support of my family, The Church on the Cape, and Mechuwana helped cultivate a seed for life-long spiritual growth.

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