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Reverend Greg Smith and Family Introduction

Imagine our church office getting a call from a first-year student at a local college, missing the familiar Sunday morning routine of hymn singing, church family, and the message for the week…who asked to join the choir? Church on the Cape would quickly rally a list of drivers scheduled to assure the student easy access to the church.

Rev. Greg Smith was that freshman, away from his home in Dryden, NY, missing his family. The local church quickly adopted him. Growing up Methodist his entire life, he descended from professional farmers. His dad “guided” Greg to study horticulture at Delaware Valley College in Doylestown, PA, with a dream of creating bug-resistant crops, thereby reducing the need for insecticides. Greg studied Chemistry and Microbiology. A career in farming, however, would lack interpersonal contact. When you meet Greg, you will appreciate his joy in community.

Lucky for us, Greg decided on seminary to follow his degree in horticulture. At the Methodist Theological School in Delaware, Ohio, he double majored, earning a Master in Divinity and another in Liturgical Arts (his music side). Some sharp prospect, Greg found a side job as a church Choir Director and Organist. We’re keeping a seat warm for Greg in the choir loft!

A year later, Greg was given an assignment, like an internship, as a student minister. It was there at New Garden UMC in New Garden, Ohio, that Greg met Diana, his wife, partner, and best friend. Together, they have navigated the pilgrim life of the Methodist minister and raised daughters Natalie and Rachel, both Middle School teachers, and Noah, who works for ( Left to right: Pastor Greg, Natalie, Noah, Diana, and Rachel)

the U.S. Postal Service. Diana’s career was as a school nurse and, ultimately, the School Nurse Administrator for the entire county.

Greg has had four appointments, ministering to six churches. Most recently, for the past 17 years, Greg has served as Senior Pastor of Shelburne UMC in Shelburne, VT, known locally as The Music Church. Sound familiar?

Please plan to join the entire church family in worship on July 7, when we will officially welcome Greg and Diana into our hearts and ministry.


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