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Of Easters Past at The Church on the Cape

These reflections of Francis Landry were submitted by Tom Bradbury.  He included the nostalgic photos of the church, 1930's and the choir, 1955.  Unfortunately, we don't have names of the choir members.  Can anyone identify the faces? 


FromFrancis Landry in her “Thoughts about our family:"

Easter was almost always in April and came when it was really getting warm. Then we could shed winter underwear and don a few spring clothes.


We always had an Easter concert at the church in which each one of us ‘spoke a piece’ or sang a song. My mother worked several weeks ahead that we might each wear something new on Easter: for the girls a dress, a coat, or a hat and for the boys a shirt, a jacket, new trousers or shoes. The significance of Easter was emphasized in our church classes, and to us it was the glorious awakening of new life and a beautiful season.

Church on the Cape Choir - 1955

Church on the Cape Choir and Langsford Rd. - 1930s

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