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Alternative Christmas Fair -An Annual Holiday Outreach

The Missions Outreach Committee of Church on the Cape conceived of the Alternative Christmas Fair as a way to present our congregation and friends with an alternative to traditional gift giving. It is a good way to support worthy causes with which our members are involved.  Here is our chance to put Christ's work into Christmas.  Alternative Christmas card and donations may be purchased following morning worship the first two Sundays in December and at the Annual Church Christmas Time Fair, at Prelude, held on the first Saturday of December.  

Or you many donate online - please see below. 

Christmas “shoppers” make donations to a variety of community good causes instead of knick-knack Christmas presents to family and friends.  Contact us and we will provide you with an 'alternate'  gift card and envelope for you to use as the gift.  
Christmas Wreath Red

Please see below and decide which good causes you would like to support.  You may support all of them but each gift should be $5.00 minimum.  And you can give all you want!  No maximum.  Please give generously. 

ALERT:  The Alternative Christmas Fair form is below, but not all of the good causes are in the drop-down.  Please use the  NOTE section to indicate your giving intentions.  Thank you!!! 

Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit is a weekly dinner program in Biddeford. Clients arrive for a free nutritional dinner and companionship. During the summer, between 40-50 people are served daily, with the numbers increasing during winter months.  The program has seen a dramatic rise in the numbers of children coming in family units. Additional funding is always needed to supplement the work of Bon Appetit. The Church on the Cape faith family regularly volunteers to serve the meal on the third Wednesday of the month. 
Donate now through Alternative Giving

Camp Mechuwana

It is the mission of Mechuwana to complement the local church ministry by providing a unique Christian setting for persons of all ages for personal growth and experiences that enhance one's relationship with God, neighbors, and the natural world.   
Donate now through Alternative Giving

Caring unlimited.PNG
Caring Unlimited

Domestic violence is the most recurrent incident reported to the police in Kennebunkport, according to local police. Caring Unlimited is our answer to violence in the community. This organization offers hope to families in danger through 24-hour hotline aid, legal advisors, support groups staffed by kid-workers, a donation center, temporary and transitional housing. 

Donate now through Alternative Giving

Community Outreach Services 

In response to community needs, twelve churches of various faiths have joined together to support  Community Outreach Services. In addition to its primary function of providing emergency food needs, this outreach has broadened its scope to encompass fuel assistance, a voucher program with Hannaford in Kennebunk, a school snack program, and a special needs program.  
te now through Alternative Giving

Grace Street Ministry

This outreach ministry offers a consistent, compassionate, pastoral presence to the homeless and marginalized in downtown Portland, Maine. They work to relieve suffering, to address the spiritual needs in this ever-shifting community, and to decrease the prejudice between the housed and the homeless through preaching, education, and experience. Our faith family collects socks annually for Grace Street Ministry
Donate now through Alternative Giving

Habitat for Humanity

For over 20 years, Habitat for Humanity in York County has been helping low-income families obtain affordable housing. The three legs of support for this program are land, volunteers and funds. The Church on the Cape has been an ever-increasing and vital part of this Christian outreach through our gifts, our prayers, and our participation. Gifts made to Habitat will help meet the objective of increasing the number of much needed homes built each year from a historical average of one per year to a targeted 2 to 3 homes per year.   Donate now through Alternative Giving

Kennebunkport Public Health Emergency Fuel Assistance 

This program provides for fuel need requests during the winter. The fuel needs were funded solely by donations and no one is denied assistance. The Public Health Department meets every emergency request immediately. We are expecting a drastic increase in the number of families who will need assistance this winter. The rising costs for fuel, food and housing will greatly strain the very tight budgets of our seniors and working low-income families.  
Donate now through Alternative Giving

partners in development.png
Partners in Development

Partners In Development is a Christian service organization has been working to improve conditions for the most desperately poor in Haiti and Guatemala. Each year, volunteers from our church visit these missions. Recently, a group of teens from our church and the high school have committed their energies to the Guatemalan mission.  
Donate now through Alternative Giving

Seeds of Hope

Seeds of Hope Neighborhood Center in Biddeford, Maine is a drop-in center open Tuesday through Friday that offers hospitality to all who pass through their door. The collection of our efforts strives to support those who are struggling, care for those in need, advocacy for those who have been silenced, companionship for those who are alone and compassionate love for all. They serve an expanded continental breakfast/lunch four days a week serving 70-90 per day; offer free new/gently used clothing and operate a Career Resource Center assisting in job search. 
Donate now through Alternative Giving

York County Shelter Programs

This program is committed to end homelessness and assist people to reach their fullest potential by providing access to various levels of housing, personal growth opportunities, and community resources. They operate a live-in shelter in Alfred, as well as assistance to complete GED’s or job training. In addition, an extremely active food pantry supplies thousands of boxes to those in need, including holiday baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Donate now through Alternative Giving

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